The Arts

Programming and community engagement are at the core of our strategy. We invest heavily in supporting the development of integrated solutions and delivering reliable tools to those who need them most. Discover more about our innovative campaigns below and get in touch to stay up to date regarding our latest efforts.

Art In Action

I AM INVISIBLE ARTS TO ACTIONS TEAM consist of  artists and photography students that are encouraged to use their own imaginations to empower their craft.  The art pieces  shown were created by students from one of our middle schools for their school assembly program called "Behind the Mask".  All of our school assemblies program  are student  inclusive.

Dance In Partnership Program

Our Dance In Motion Team partnered with several teams in the community to showcase their many dance moves in our "BE YOU" YOUTH SHOWCASE 2019 at Governor's Square Mall.

Drama in Partnership

Our team has been in full affect in 2017-2018 the drama team has been showcased in various events throughout our local communities.  This year at the 2019 "BE YOU" Talent held at the Governor's Square Mall.

Inner & Outer Beauty

We at I AM INVISIBLE BULLY & SUICIDE non-profit believe in promoting self-esteem self worth, self beauty, and creativity through fashion shows.  The shows feature both youth and adults in the showcase, the models each picked their own outfits using their creativity through their own eyes. Our models have been showcased at our "BE YOU" Talent Showcase 2017-2018.  On July 30 2019 at the Governor's Square Mall in Clarksville, TN the Inner & Outer Beauty Team will be showcased in our "BE YOU" Fashion/Talent Showcase held in Clarksville, TN.

Poetry & Music Team

I AM INVISIBLE  Poetry & Team and the Music Team teams work as combined teams and have performed together  at several venues such as: Governor's Square "BE YOU Talent Showcase  2019, The Oak Grove Community  Center,  the center court of  the Icon's Professional Women's Basketball Game Halftime Show in Nashville Tennessee for their 2018 Youth Awareness Day, The Riverfest 2018, "Be You Talent Showcase" 2018, 2017 held at APSU.   The team has also had performances at  the Customs Museum, The Movies In The Park 2018 and also have performed together at  elementary/middle school assembly programs and community events in Clarksville TN, Ft. Campbell Ky,  Oak Grove KY Michigan and California.
Our most recent performance was June 25, 2019 at the Governor's Square Mall in our "BE YOU" Talent Showcase.  The purpose of this team is to empower others and to assist in bringing awareness of both bullying and suicide through poetry and music to  our communities and schools.


 Art Team Meets International Artist Amy Sherald

Amy Sherald, already well known before launching to fame with 2018’s official portrait of former First Lady Michelle Obama, spoke to a nearly filled Morgan University Center Ballroom on Thursday about her development and rise as a portrait artist.

Her portraits focus on issues of race and identity in the American South, and she shared with the audience, many of them art students, how African-American history and the representation of the black body in historic and modern images influence her work.  Sherald was at Austin Peay State University as part of the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts Visiting Artist Speaker Series.

We at the I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING & SUICIDE non-profit organization believe in exposing and educating both our youth and adults in the field of performing arts in which they are studying or perhaps may have an interest in. 

​Our team was afforded the opportunity to attend the workshop by international painter Amy Sherald  immediately following the workshop the team got to personally meet the artist and to showcase their own personal designs to her.   Amy Sherald's words of encouragement to the group was "You all are head of the game in your designs please continue and stay focused" .  

The I AM INVISIBLE ART TEAM also made a book presentation to Sherald:  The Girl Who Felt Invisible that was written by Sharon Kaye Edwards our CEO.  The  back cover was  designed  by our team member 14 year old Emmanuel Wade (pictured on Sherald's left in the group picture).  A copy of the book cover is pictured in our photo gallery for your viewing pleasure. Our debut of our I AM INVISIBLE Art Team was at the "BE YOU" Talent Showcase 2018. 



Photography & Art Team On The Move

I AM INVISIBLE ARTS TO ACTIONS TEAM consist of  young artists  and photography students that range between elementary-college age. The students  are encouraged to use their own imaginations to empower their craft. 

The summer field trip for our 2019  youth photography team was held at the Downtown Commons area in June of this year, our lead appointed  photographer was India Edwards for this event.  Thank you for capturing our local downtown area and our local business owners event held downtown Clarksville TN. all photos were shot and edited by India Edwards.  

The fall  field trip 2018 composed of photographer of Ajaila Edwards, and Olivia Porter their trip took them to the Boyd's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze located in Montgomery County, TN.  After instructions from our lead photographer Ellery Edwards Sr. (celebrity photographer) the students headed out equipped with their cameras to capture their visions for the day. 

 In the summer of 2019  Emmanuel Wade our young artist painted a self portrait of our Executive Director Sharon Kaye Edwards to be showcased in her office.  At our 1st Strawberry & Chocolate Gala for Bullying and Suicide Awareness held in February 2019 at the Bruce Convention Center In Hopkinsville KY. artist Danielle Wells created miniature signature oil painting of blank face artistry that was displayed and sold in our auction.

In the Fall of 2018 both teams were challenged to present a piece of art using their own individuality to be presented in an art showcase held at APSU. The art team sketched away and created their own unique artistry with bright, vivid  colors and with their own interpretation of what their art piece meant to them.