Dr. Marlon Heaston Principal Kenwood Middle School

Today we finished our Anti-Bullying program with 6th grade—7th and 8th graders who participated in their Anti-Bullying program last Friday.  Please continue to talk with your student about being a “buddy and not a bully.” Special thanks to Sharon Edwards and Julia Boyd for organizing this event.

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These are not just your typical, traditional anti-bullying and self-esteem assemblies. These assembly presentations are packed with adult to youth interactions, conversations, thought-provoking songs, and demonstrations that both encourage and compel students to do the right thing when interacting with peers by showing kindness and respect towards each other. The assemblies create and promote an environment that is conducive to being accepted as well as embracing individuality and diversity.

Be You!
Behind The Mask
Facing The Obstacles
I'm Invisible
Who Got Your Back?


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Our brand-new program consists of all virtual empowerment classes given through the power of videos and live classroom interaction with the children through live streaming or zoom, or your group's social media platform.  We will conduct 30-45  minutes of empowerment classes about bullying, self-esteem, and additional subjects to continue to bring empowerment, knowledge, and fun to our students through these new program options.