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Originally from Greenville, Mississippi, Sharon Kaye Edwards is presently attending the historical Fisk University in Nashville, TN., pursuing a bachelor's degree in Human Development Leadership. She was recently inducted into the PHI ETA Sigma Honor Society at Fisk University. Sharon is also honored to be a part of the legacy of the late Congressman John Lewis, an alumnus of Fisk University. Sharon and her fellow Mississippian photos are featured in the Henry Clay Anderson Collection in the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., that opened in 2016 that the late Congress John Lewis fought tirelessly for 30 years for legislation to create. 

At 7-year-old, Sharon Kaye Edwards was teased and bullied because of the loss of her older brother in a car accident that caused her to cry constantly. The news of his death was devastating to the entire family; however, amid family members offering comfort, Sharon was overlooked and left to deal with the tragedy alone. The onslaught of the name-calling and hurtful words left her feeling "INVISIBLE" and wishing that she could disappear completely forever. When Sharon was 10, she was bullied again due to her short stature and curly hair; no one knew how much of a lasting impact bullying and the death of Sharon's brother would have on her and the many other self-destructive doors that would swing open. As a result, Sharon suffered from depression, low self-esteem, low self-worth; she also dealt with molestation and an eating disorder. However, she uses her testimony to share the power of her faith! Sharon survived the deadly Covid 19 with double pneumonia in both lungs in 2020; her victory cry is "BUT GOD"!

Sharon is an award-winning author, speaker, playwright, executive producer, anti-bullying activist, and entrepreneur, making a notable impact in the lives of youth since 2012. Along with her husband, celebrity photographer Ellery Edwards, she founded the non-profit organization I AM INVISIBLE Bullying and Suicide Campaign and the "BE YOU TALENT SHOWCASE." I AM Invisible is the dominant anti-bullying and anti-suicide organization in the Greater Nashville area. The campaign has been featured on Talk of the Town Nashville, Fox 17, WSMV Channel 5 News, and the front page of The Leaf-Chronicle Newspaper. Sharon's story of being bullied was published in an international magazine called It's My Hair! Magazine based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Sharon is also the CEO and founder of SKE Publishing, which coordinates and directs programs to empower and educate children, parents, teachers, and community leaders.  In 2021 Sharon was selected to be a part of the Clarksville Montgomery County School System Leadership Class of 2022.

Please feel free to click below to see view one of Sharon's photo featured in the online gallery of  the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.,


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