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Author Sharon Kaye Edwards

As a child, Sharon Kaye Edwards was bullied for being short and having curly hair. Although the daily tormenting she experienced was already seemingly overwhelming, she would soon find herself being thrust into much darker place of bullying and depression through the death of her older brother in a car accident. The news of his death was devastating to the entire family, however in the midst of family members offering comfort to one another, 7-year-old Sharon was overlooked and left to deal with the tragedy all alone. With no one to talk to she would constantly cry at school which only added fuel to the bully’s arsenal for reasons to attack. The onslaught of the name calling and hurtful words left her feeling "INVISIBLE” and wishing that she could just disappear……. completely………. forever. Day after day her self-esteem plummeted to the point that it became non-existent. No one knew how much of a lasting impact this would have on her and the many other self-destructive doors that would swing open as a result of it.

The journey actually began in 2012 for Mrs. Edwards after hearing of a 12 year child that had committed suicide in a neighboring city she then remembered the pain she endured and knew she had to "Give the Youth A Voice".  Mrs. Edwards held her first Anti-Bullying Event with help of her community in Clarksville TN (featuring Crissy Collins from the camp of Beyoncé and Tyler Perry).  In the fall of 2013 she also traveled throughout the  Georgia School System on an Anti-bullying tour with young actor/rapper Shameik Moore.  Lastly her story of her been bullied was published in an international magazine called It's My Hair! Magazine based out of Atlanta Georgia.

In 2016 she enrolled in the QPR Institute to become a Certified QPR Instructor. QPR is the acronym for Question, Persuade, and Refer and these 3 simple steps can literally be utilized to save a life from suicide. Just as people who are trained in CPR and the Heimlich maneuver help save thousands of lives each year, those trained in QPR are skilled in detecting the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to respond accordingly. She also received certification to teach QPR to others desiring to be certified as well. Additional information can be found at https://qprinstitute.com/become-an-instructor. Later that year, her and her husband celebrity photographer Ellery Edwards (www.lasewodphotography.com) founded the I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING and Suicide Campaign and the "BE YOU" Talent Showcase. It was at that moment that they realized that the vision was so immense that it would take a diverse team to effectively execute the mission. Through strategic partnerships the team was formed and consists of a roster of educators, professionals, parents, grandparents and many more that have a heart and passion to serve our community.

Mrs. Edwards, often referred to as Mama Sharon or the Bullying lady, has made numerous television appearances to include but not limited to: Talk of the Town Nashville TN., Fox 17 Nashville TN. and WSMV Channel 5 News Nashville TN. In 2018 the #IMINVISIBLE team was interviewed by our local newspaper The Leaf Chronicle and featured on the front page. Some of the places that the team has traveled to spreading a message of hope and fighting against bullying and suicide include Kentucky, Georgia, Michigan, Washington and California. 

The movement is consistently gaining momentum and shows no signs of slowing down. In 2018, the I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING & SUICIDE organization officially received its non-profit credentials. Despite being told that she could never be a model or author she has shattered both stigmas. As a featured magazine model and published author of three books: "The Bullying & Suicide Guide For The 21st Century," "The Girl Who Felt Invisible", and "It's Okay to Be Different," Anti-Bullying Activist Sharon Kaye Edwards continues to utilize her life to encourage youth and adults to love one another. For additional information please visit her personal site http://www.sharonkedwards.com



Sharon Kaye Edwards owns two successful small businesses, serves with four organizational boards/committees, and has been featured in print, radio and broadcast regional media for her contributions. Sharon is presently, enrolled in the Fisk University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Leadership.  Maintains certifications through the International Bullying Prevention Association, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network and is a QPR Gatekeeper Certified Trainer. 


I AM INVISIBLE BULLYING & SUICIDE Organization Clarksville, TN Executive Director 2012 - Present

 Responsible for successfully impacting the lives of more than ten thousand youth each year.  Created and oversaw a combination of 28 school assemblies, workshops, presentations and speaking events in the Clarksville community. An active member of a travelling mental health advocacy team raising suicide awareness among at-risk populations.  Endorsed by Sterling Wright, celebrity chef from Hell’s Kitchen; maintains partnerships with prominent pediatric offices, mental health facilities and other social service organizations.

SKE Publishing Clarksville, TN Owner 2016 - Present

Creator of official assembly programs catering to youth in Kindergarten through 12th Grade. 

Oversaw the writing, publication and marketing of three books, including The Bullying & Suicide Guide for the 21st Century (2016), The Girl Who Felt Invisible (2017), and It's Okay to Be Different (2017). Creator of the “BE YOU Talent Showcase” and co-writer of the short film, A Teen Victim’s Cry (2017).


Women Who Rock Nashville, TN 9/2019

Bullying Activist 2018 presented by Sandi Collins Atlanta, GA 2/2019

SKE Publishing presented by Wounded Warriors Atlanta, GA 4/2018

The Distinguished Woman of Excellence Award  Nashville, TN 3/2017

“For Outstanding Community Service Putting a Stop to Bullying” Nashville, TN 6/2013

TN Back-to-School Anti-Bullying Award by Mayor Karl Dean Nashville, TN 3/2013


Kenwood Middle School Clarksville, TN 10/2019

Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church Clarksville, TN 9/2019

Movies in the Park 2018 & 2019 Clarksville, TN

Patriotic Event Clarksville, TN 7/2019

Recovering Our Sons Clarksville, TN 7/2019 

“BE YOU” Talent Showcase at Governor’s Square Mall Clarksville, TN 6-10/2019 

Anti-Bullying Presentation at the Community Center Oak Grove, KY 5/2019 

Juvenile Detention Center Nashville, TN 4/2019 

Next Level Youth Entrepreneur Program Clarksville, TN 4/2019

Anti-Bullying Presentation at the Oak Grove, KY City Hall Oak Grove, KY 3/2019 

1st Annual Strawberry & Chocolate Fundraiser Hopkinsville, KY 2/2019

Riverfest Clarksville, TN 2018/19

Oasis Center Nashville Nashville, TN 4/2018

Civitan Civic Club Presentaion 2018

Tennessee Delta Days at the Capitol Smyrna, TN 3/2018

W.O.M.B Conference Clarksville, TN 2/2018

Juvenile Justice Conference Speaker Clarksville, TN 2016/18 

“BE YOU” Anti-bullying Fashion & Talent Showcase Clarksville, TN 2018/17

Clarksville Community Annual Event Clarksville, TN 12/2017

Beauty Behind Bars Women’s Conference Nashville, TN 9/2017

Little Miss & Mr. Clarksville Pageant Clarksville, TN 6/2017

Autism Awareness at Austin Peay State University Clarksville, TN 4/2017

Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church Youth Event Oak Grove, KY 2/2017

Kiwanis Club Clarksville, TN 3/2017

Pass the Beauty 5K Fighting against Bullying & Domestic Violence Nashville, TN 10/2016

Miss Black & Gold Mental Awareness Forum APSU Clarksville, TN 3/2016

Heart to Heart Conference Clarksville, TN 4/2013

Tennessee Back to School Anti- Bullying Fashion Show Nashville, TN 3/2013

Georgia School Tour “Stop the Bullying Tour” with Shameik Moore Atlanta, GA 10/2012

Anti-Bullying Program Featuring Crissy Collins (from Tyler Perry’s Play “Big Happy Family” Camp of Beyonce)

Clarksville TN 8/2012


CMCSS Virtual High School/Adult Education Assistant Clarksville, TN 9/2006-2009

​Worked directly under the leadership of the Director of Education for Virtual High School and the

Adult Education Programs. 

Education for Virtual High School:  assisted high school students with any educational needs such as: computer assistance, testing via computer, problem solving, and more.

Adult Education Program:  assisted with testing of students for GED cetification

Military Child Development Center Ft. Campbell, KY 4/1994-2000

Preschool Teacher

Responsible for providing students 3-5-year-old with emotional, and learning support in a preschool program environment.  Responsible for all lesson plans for the  programs as well as keeping records of each student’s progression in the program and conducted all  parent-teacher conferences.  Assisted with implementing the first preschool age program that was all-exclusive with children with disabilities into our program through the Ft. Campbell School System, and worked closely with counselors from the Ft. Campbell School System.  Completed (12) mandatory CDA Leadership and Educational Training Modules and attended monthly training classes.

Military Child Development Center Vicenza, Italy 9/1991-1993

Detailed Director for Latch-Key Afterschool Program

Responsible for providing students 5-12-year-old with emotional, and learning support in an after school program environment.  Responsibilities entailed the opening/closing of the center for the Latch-Key After school Program, budget planning for the program, conducted training for 8 employees, and conducted the training for the incoming Latch-Key Director. Responsibilities also included keeping records of each student’s progression in the program and completed all  necessary lessons plans,  conducted parent-teacher conferences,  and coordinated all field-trip programs local or country wide.

Military Child Development Center Gelhausen, Germany 3/1979-1981

Shift Leader

Responsible for opening/closing the center and worked closely with director of the program concerning employee scheduling for the shift.

 Preschool Teacher 

Responsible for providing students aged 3-5-year old with emotional, and learning support in a preschool program environment along with preparing lessons plans, and conducted parent-teacher conferences.  Responsible for keeping records of each student’s progression in the program.